Friday, February 29, 2008

Suara Bangsamoro chide PNP for using “terrorist” hysteria against nationwide interfaith rally vs. GMA

The Suara Bangsamoro cannot anymore stomach the use of the Philippine National Police of the “terrorist” hysteria in a bid to make President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo look like a target of terrorist killing in the midst of a mammoth interfaith rally calling for her resignation.

“We condemn the PNP for using another Muslim as a fall guy to divert the public attention from the massive interfaith rally in Makati calling for President Arroyo’s resignation and ouster by staging a plot that another so-called Jeemayah Islamiya terrorist is out to kill the President,” said Amirah Ali Lidasan, national president of Mindanao-based group Suara.

Bangsamoro.Lidasan is afraid that another innocent Moro brother or sister will again be used as a pawn to make it look like there is a threat to the life of the President.

“The Moro people join the rest of the Filipino people in the nationwide interfaith rally because they cannot stomach anymore the list of human rights violations committed by the police and military because of the anti-Moro policies released during President Arroyo’s term,” said Lidasan.

Lidasan also lambast the PNP, saying that the people have become numb to their constant use of the “terrorist” hysteria, knowing full well that Police Director General Avelino Razon has a lot more to answer for the issues of abduction his men has done against NBN-ZTE star witness Jun Lozada.

Lidasan clarifies that the Moro people’s call for Arroyo’s ouster and resignation is part of the legitimate call of the Filipino people and should not be linked to any terrorist plot concocted by the PNP.

Lidasan said her group has joined various sectors in the interfaith rallies held in key cities in Mindanao and in Manila.(Press release by: Suara Bangsamoro)

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